Boundary, a line which marks the limits of an area.
BoundaryMedia.nl, a company which takes you out of your limits!

Our Vision
Boundary Media is a new born company in the Netherlands with the vision to help the local small and medium enterprises and non-profit organizations out of the dilemma of the traditional channels to reach their target group, and to help them market their idea in a more efficient and effective way. With the online technology support, fully customer experience oriented approach, and emotional involvement; we are able to take you out of the boundary that the traditional media channel could ever provide. Boundary Media is brave to be new and bring cutting-edge ideas.

Our Mission
The main focus for us is to guide you through the main challenge in setting up your company’s online communication model and realize it with a full package of online web services. Our services includes market positioning advice, communication model setup, corporate VI design, website tailor makes, social media integration, and digital marketing campaign.

Are you ready? Let’s see what we can help to take you out of your Boundary?


Responsive Website Design
Event Solution
Digital Marketing
Social Media
Graphic Design
VI Design